Almond Nut Butter

Prep/Cook: 10/5 min     £3.40     Difficulty:     Serves: 10


- Almonds contain plant sterols. These compounds can help lower your cholesterol. They look a lot like cholesterol in terms of their chemical structure and work by preventing the body absorbing cholesterol in the intestines. High levels of cholesterol put you at risk of heart disease and stroke. So, almonds are definitely our heart healthy friends.

- Almonds contain high levels of vitamin E which can help keep our eyes healthy. Consuming these tree nuts will help prevent abnormal changes to the eye lens.



-       250g Almonds

-       2 tbsp Coconut oil

-       Optional 1 tbsp of agave syrup or honey to add sweetness



  1. Blend almonds in a food processor until they look like bread crumbs, keep blending until they begin to stick together
  2. Add the coconut oil little by little and blend, until a thick paste is formed. You can keep blending if you prefer it to have a runnier consistency
  3. Add the honey or agave syrup if you want a sweeter taste and blend in
  4. Put the nut butter into a jar and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks

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