Raspberry and Agave Banana Ice Cream

A delicious vegan-friendly dessert


-       Bananas are the UK’s most popular fruit. On average we each eat 100 bananas every year!

-       Like most fruit, bananas have a high-water content, in bananas its an amazing 75%! I’m not suggesting you swap water for this yellow fruit, but simply eating a banana will help add to your hydration levels. Some of waters roles are; to flush out toxins, improve complexion, prevent headaches and maximise physical performance.

-       Bananas contain pectin which is a type of carbohydrate which helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and regulate blood glucose levels.



-       5 frozen bananas (peeled and chopped)

-       4/5 Tbsp of any milk (I use coconut)

-       3 Tbsp of Agave syrup

-       Handful of raspberries to top



  1. Peel and chop the bananas and place in airtight container, freeze them overnight or until frozen
  2. Place the frozen banana in a blender, add the agave syrup and milk, then blend
  3. Keep blending until the banana goes gooey, add more milk if necessary
  4. Decorate with raspberries and a drizzle of agave syrup

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