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Studifuel is a healthy lifestyle subscription box designed to make it easier for students to eat more healthily and get enough of the nutrients they need to feel energised and better prepared to face the daily challenges university throws at them. In our boxes you’ll find healthy snacks, vitamins & minerals and herbal teas plus online access to a whole range of healthy, easy to make recipes tailored to a student budget. Find out more about us here.

We offer 2 boxes, the Essential box for £9.95 & the Premium Box for £16.95. Our Essential Box contains 6 delicious, healthy snacks along with a a Vitamin of your choice and a selection of detoxing herbal teas & dried fruits. Our Premium box contains 10, premium healthy snacks along with 2 Vitamins of your choice with a slightly larger selection of herbal teas. & fruits. In each box you'll also get recipes cards, to help make cooking at uni a little easier. Find out more about our boxes here

Currently, we only offer a monthly subscription, But don’t worry, you’re not tied down to any contract & you can cancel anytime - even after your first box. Give us a try here

Yes we do! If you refer a friend and they subscribe to Studifuel with your referral link you'll get a £5 Amazon voucher in your next box. Log in to see how it works

Absolutely, Studifuel caters for vegans. The vast majority of our products are vegan although we do have some containing dairy products. If you would like a box containing only vegan products then simply check the vegan option button during the ordering process.

The contents of our box change on a regular basis so we’re unable to guarantee that all the products in our box will be suitable for people with certain dietary restrictions. Many of our snacks are gluten free and most are nut free but some of the snacks will be unsuitable for those with nut allergies.

Don't worry! Just send us a message at or contact our Facebook and we'll do our best to help you out

Nope! You don’t need to be at university to enjoy Studifuel, we cater for anyone who enjoys nutritious snacks and wants to lead a healthier lifestyle :)

We accept payments through Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account then you can still use your debit/credit card, Paypal is just a secure and easy way to handle the payment.

Simply send an email to and we'll cancel your subscription

Yes! Don't worry - To change your delivery address, just log into your account


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