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Staying healthy at university can be tough. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst having to deal with late nights, deadlines, tight budgets and social commitments is difficult and as a result many students resort to unhealthy snacking, eating fast food and not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Studifuel is here to help.
Studifuel is a healthy lifestyle subscription box designed to make it easier for students to eat more healthily and get enough of the nutrients they need to feel energised and better prepared to face the daily challenges university throws at them. In our boxes you’ll find:
A monthly supply of Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamin C for supporting the immune system, Vitamin B12 to combat tiredness and fatigue, Omega 369 for brain function and heart health and more
A selection of delicious healthy snacks to provide a healthier and tastier alternative to unhealthy snacks which are high in sugar and fat. We select only high-quality products for our boxes so expect to see brands like Nakd, Green and Blacks, Trek and 9nine in your box
Refreshing herbal teas offering an alternative to conventional drinks high in caffeine or sugar in order to detox the system as well as aid relaxation
As well as our boxes, we provide free online access to our vast range of carefully selected healthy, delicious recipes that are easy to make and tailored to a student budget. Check out our recipes here. There’s a range of options on offer to suit your needs, including fortnightly and monthly subscriptions.
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