How to Snack Healthily

    Conventional snacks that we reach for when slightly peckish are normally high in fat and sugar. Whilst these will not do our bodies any favours. Studifuel have carefully selected a range of delicious snacks that offer you oodles of health benefits. It’s so easy to snack on junk food, but look no further, each month Studifuel can supply you with a different selection of snacks created with simple natural ingredients which were ethically sourced…sounds good to me! Here are some of the snacks you may find in your box!

Snacks you'll find in your box

    1. Nakd bars
    Being gluten and dairy free, with many different flavours to try, these bars are becoming more and more popular. These little delights are made with 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar or sticky syrups. Remarkable! Packed with fruit and nuts, these will definitely go towards one of your five a day.
    2. Trek bars
    These energy bars provide a slow release of energy. Made with a combination of fruit, nuts and gluten free oats which will deliver sustained energy levels that won’t give you a sugar spike like many unhealthier snack bars on the market. Oats also provide a range of B vitamins which work together to help your body metabolize energy.
    3. Vegetable crisps
    Crisps made of potato and processed oils are old news. Studifuel offers chickpea, quinoa, lentil, hummus and vegetable crisps. These make a light and guilt free snack which helps incorporate vegetables and pulses into your diet.
    4. Pulsin Bars
    If you want to increase your protein intake in the most natural way, without any unnecessary extra ingredients to abrupt your bodies natural balance, then Pulsin is the way to go. These bars are ideal for a pre- or post- exercise boost. Protein is needed after exercise to help rebuild muscles, it is also used for other bodily functions including structure or hair and nails.

    Remember this isn't a definitive list! Every studifuel box will come with new, exciting treats for you to try

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