What's in Studifuel?

In each box you'll get

Healthy Snacks

  • Enjoy a selection of 10-12 delicious healthy snacks, providing an alternative to conventional snacks that are rich in sugar, salt and fat

Recipe Cards

  • In each box you’ll receive recipe cards with a tasty, nutritious meals tailored to a student budget

Essential Vitamins

  • To reduce fatigue and boost your immune system we include essential vitamins to help fuel your body and mind

Detoxing Teas

  • Sit back and relax with detoxing herbal teas to help clear your system and relax your mind

How Does Studifuel Work?

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  • Choose from our One-off, Monthly or Semester Subscriptions

We curate

  • Choosing quality, naturally sourced products to fuel your body & mind!


  • Your box is delivered to your home or uni at the start of each month. Dig in!

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